Connecting seeds, culture and nature to strengthen agroecological practices and food sovereignty in Africa

Phased Out

Project Type:

  • Client Name: TABIO

Connecting Seeds, Culture and Nature, to Strengthen Agroecological Practices and Food Sovereignty in Africa

This was an 8 months project with support from African Biodiversity Network (ABN) based in Thika Kenya. ABN was a sub grantee after receiving support from the Agroecology Funds. This project started in December 2019 and ended in July 2020 with a total budget of 22,000,000TZS. This project was implemented in Ileje district and Unguja in Zanzibar. It meant to contribute to the mission of ABN which were:

  • To achieve food sovereignty of the communities who appreciate local production and consumption of quality foods free from chemical contamination and produced with limited impact on the environment.
  • To strengthen the practices of agroecology and farmer-led seed and knowledge systems, so that they are spread and deepened in participating farming communities in Africa.
  • To develop and strengthen the movement on agroecology and farmers’ rights in Africa.
  • For decision-makers to increasingly support policy agenda / initiatives for farmer-led seed systems, localised nutritious food systems and agroecology.
  • To encourage youth to become agroecological practitioners and realise its potential as a livelihood option, thus contributing to the reduction of poverty levels

The following activities were implemented

Strategy 1: Advocate for recognition of farmer managed seed systems and related knowledge in the Agriculture Sector Development Program of Tanzania

1.1: Carryout a study on indigenous seeds and related knowledge and traditional practices in Ileje district.

1.2: Use findings of the study to produce policy brief.

1.3: Organized workshop with policy makers to share the findings and policy brief in Ileje

Strategy 2: Documentation and multiplication and storage of local seeds

2.1: Training farmers group members of Amkeni and Sogea groups on selection, multiplication, storage of seed and members of farmer groups in Unguja on biofertilizer making