Research and Advocacy for Agroecology


Project Type:

  • Client Name: TABIO

Research and Advocacy for Agroecology Project

Research and Advocacy for Agroecology (R+A sets out to support scientific research to increase the validation and documentation of locally adapted agroecological practices with the aim to use these to advocate for agroecology (AE) in Tanzania and beyond. It  combines  scientific research on agroecological practices taking place in three sites (Masasi, Morogoro and Bagamoyo) in close collaboration with small holder farmers from our Beneficiary Partners (BPs), in partnership with the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ) in Switzerland and the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Tanzania, with evidence based advocacy on AE in partnership with the Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) and the Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO). The project leverages the expertise of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) in both research and advocacy work. The project also envisages to build synergies with the African Union led Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative in Africa (EOA-I) to mainstream Ecological Organic Agriculture/EOA (which encompasses AE) in the agriculture policies, plans and practices of Tanzania. Again, the project aims to sensitize youth from secondary schools to AE and support the inclusion of AE/EOA in the District Agricultural De- velopment Plans of selected districts.

The main expected Outcome (Project Outcome 1) of this project is an increased validation and documentation of locally adapted agroecological practices produced as knowledge base for mainstream- ing AE/EOA in agriculture policies, plans and practices of Tanzania.

The expected other Project Outcomes and Core Activities of this project include:

 Outcome 2: Scientific validation of agroecological best practices.

Core Activity 2.1: Research in two research plots (Masasi and Morogoro).
Core Activity 2.2: Increased linkages with Chambezi farmer research station in Bagamoyo.

Core Activity 2.3: Documentation of a successful Farmer Participatory Breeding process (FPB).

Core Activity 2.4: Development of ICT tools.

Outcome 3: Effective evidence-based advocacy of civil society organizations for AE/EOA.

Core Activity 3.1: Mentoring of AE/EOA farmer champions.
Core Activity 3.2: Contribute to institutional strengthening of TOAM and TABIO.

Outcome 4: Increased awareness of the public on AE/EOA.

Core Activity 4.1: Community outreach activities.
Core Activity 4.2: Youth sensitization.
Core Activity 4.3: Advocacy and media campaign to promote AE and farmer managed seed systems.

Outcome5: Keysupportersamongtheparliament,thegovernmentandthesciencecommu- nity.

Core Activity 5.1: Targeted communication and sensitization to selected policy makers and policy influencers.

Core Activity 5.2: Support Workshops for Participatory Research Design (WPRD)