Seed for self reliance

Phased Out

Project Type:

  • Client Name: TABIO

Seed for self reliance (Mbegu kwa ajili ya kujitegemea)

TABIO with support from Swissaid, implemented a four-year project on Seed for self-reliance from 2013 to 2016. The project had the following outcomes:

Outcome 1: Farmers, youth and consumers are enabled to make informed decisions

Organized training for youth on marketing opportunities for ecological produce.

Outcome 2: Decision-makers reject GMOs and favour biodiversity.

Disseminated comprehensive booklets and stickers on GMO; Organized dialogue between TABIO members and the Tanzania Academy of Sciences (TAAS) on GMOs; continued with carrying out the inventory of imported maize-based products to find if they contained GMOs; Printed the adopted GMOs communication strategies. Organized training on GMOs reporting for media community and supported journalists to prepare articles on GMOs on local newspapers.

Outcome 3: Legislation that supports farmers seed rights advocated: Prepare, produce and Circulated policy briefs on GMOs, Made follow up of applications for GMOs research permit, continued to share intelligence & facts on GMOs; Prepared and produced policy briefs advocating for fast tracking the domestication of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA); prepared and produced a statement for government on the implications of signing the ARIPO protocol.

Outcome 4: Farmers in the Mtwara region improve the seed sovereignty situation through community seed selection and production

Prepared and produced manual on quality declared seeds multiplication and marketing; Organized training on quality declared seeds production; Facilitated the inspection and registration of quality declared seed farms of selected farmers groups.

Outcome 5: TABIO is a reputable lobbying NGO and recognized as competent networking partner: Registration of TABIO; prepared and produced governance manual of TABIO, increased visibility through website and Facebook pages; organized a members meeting to reflect and plan; strengthened regional and international collaboration and networking,