GMOs and Emerging Technologies


GMOs and Emerging Technologies Working Group

In its broadest sense, a genetically modified organism (GMO) refers to an organism whose genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. Genes change naturally, either by mating or by natural recombination. But in this case, genetic fragments are scientifically inserted into the DNA of another organism to transform its collective genetic makeup, a process known as gene splicing.

While GMOs are being pushed as panacea for food security, the general public is largely unaware of the GMOs hence fail to make a meaningful contribution for informed decision making. There are also emerging technologies namely synthetic biology,  genome-editing etc. which are used in changing an organism’s genetic code. These technologies have both ethical and social implications which the general public need to be aware of.

The roles of the GMOs and emerging technologies Working Group are:

  • Collate and share related information
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in generating awareness creation information materials which are user friendly to the general public for an informed decision making
  • Organize forum for open dialogue

Why Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO)?

The members of the alliance share the aims of conserving agro-biodiversity and supporting sustainable development, promoting farmers’ self-determination and food sovereignty, facilitating exchange of information and experiences