Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity

TABIO endeavors to conserve and protect agricultural biodiversity (agro-biodiversity) through promotion of environmental friendly farming systems to improve food sovereignty for all people.

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About Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO)

Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO) is an alliance of civil societies and private sector organizations concerned with biodiversity conservation with emphasis on agricultural biodiversity for livelihood security and food sovereignty.
What we Offer

What we do

We are working to support farmers and make their voices heard by policy makers and donors who drive the Agricultural-biodiversity

Strengthening the movement

TABIO brings member organizations who work directly with small-scale food producers

Advocating for agrobiodiversity conservation in policy and practice

Agrobiodiversity is a vital element of human life and sustainability of mother earth since it underpins


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Why Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO)?

The members of the alliance share the aims of conserving agro-biodiversity and supporting sustainable development, promoting farmers’ self-determination and food sovereignty, facilitating exchange of information and experiences