Strengthening the movement


Strengthening the movement

TABIO brings member organizations who work directly with small-scale food producers, farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, faith groups, consumers, women, youth and activists from across the country to create a united and louder voice for agrobiodiversity conservation through agroecology for food and seed sovereignty. Agrobiodiversity conservation requires joint efforts which no one person or institution can do alone.  TABIO and its members strengthen the movement in advocating for agrobiodiversity conservation by:

  • Activating and organizing diverse groups of people, organizations, and coalitions to recognize a shared vision.
  • Strengthening connections across people, organizations, sectors, and issues so that they can work together to coordinate and align advocacy.
  • Providing resources (both human and financial) to capacitate farmers in amplifying their messages.
  • Combining research, advocacy, media and campaigns, community organizing, and direct action to gain support and bring about change.
  • Lifting up the voices and vision of smallholder farmers and consumers who are most impacted by agrobiodiversity loss.

Sowing the seeds of change 

TABIO and its members work to raise awareness by trying to make the invisible farm saved seed, visible which contribute immensely to agrobiodiversity richness. However, farm saved seeds are not recognized by the laws and considered as grains and therefore, those advocating for its support and recognition are often ridiculed for their beliefs and are considered fringe elements with inadequate public support or political clout.

TABIO members and other like-minded organizations have recognized their shared values and interests and have started to work together to strengthen movement so as to continue the advocacy work around agrobiodiversity conservation.  Both formal and informal networks have been created to facilitate communication, coordination of activities, build capacity, and pool resources.

Catalyzing event

TABIO and its members are using local food and seed fairs, seed stakeholder’s forum etc. as catalyzing agents for promoting agrobiodiversity conservation in the country. The fairs have continued to draw the public’s attention and motivates people to get involved. This kind of catalyzing event and others create a powerful example that helps explain to everyday people what farm saved seed  is and why they should care about it.  It is an opportunity for members and other like minded organizations and stakeholders to educate and mobilize newly interested people and build support for agrobiodiversity conservation.


Why Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO)?

The members of the alliance share the aims of conserving agro-biodiversity and supporting sustainable development, promoting farmers’ self-determination and food sovereignty, facilitating exchange of information and experiences