Seed Working Group


Seed Working Group

The working group is advocating for recognition and support of farmer managed seed system (FMSS). This seed system provides huge contribution of seed available to farmers which are diverse, affordable and reliable but it has neither been recognized nor supported by the government.

The roles of the seed working group are:

  • be the think tank on farm save seed issues
  • generate advocacy information on farm saved seed
  • share information/knowledge on issues that require joint advocacy efforts
  • be informed and engaged in the advocacy work around seed, agroecology and food sovereignty
  • receive feedback from stakeholders outside the Seed Working Group and serve as an ambassador between the group and the other stakeholders

Why Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO)?

The members of the alliance share the aims of conserving agro-biodiversity and supporting sustainable development, promoting farmers’ self-determination and food sovereignty, facilitating exchange of information and experiences